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About Us


Ecolex , a science and technology driven company that is a privately held consortium  prides in our best in class manufacturing facility.  Ecolex is located in West Port , Malaysia, which is strategically placed for global export in   one of the regions busiest ports  in South East Asia.

Ecolex was founded with the grandiose idea of  enhancing life through science resulting in the perfect alchemy between science and know-how. This concept focusses on improving life on earth where science is intergraded in producing  natural nutritional solutions for feed stock around the world , creating sustainable and heathier  food ingredients for human consumption and scientifically engineering personal care products that are  both biologically and environmentally safe.

The Ecolex Group heavily emphasises on the quality and safety of our products ensuring our brand commitment to both customers and consumers. As a commitment on product quality, we continuously strive on improving and innovating with new technologies processes , keeping up to  rapid global changes.